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Thousands die in Chungking raid

A well known image of the horror of war. Casualties of the terror bombing of civilians in the Chinese capital of Chungking - people who died in a mass panic whilst attempting to flee bombing

The Chinese Nationalist government had moved their capital to Chungking [now Chongqing] in 1937, following the Japanese invasion. It was to become one on the most heavily bombed cities on earth, casualties were high since it was largely undefended. To provide air raid shelters a huge network of tunnels were carved into the sandstone cliffs upon which the city was built.

One of the most destructive raids was on 5th June 1941 when Japanese planes launched successive sorties against the city for more than three hours. When some of the tunnels became blocked during the bombing they became a death trap, asphyxiating as many as 4,000 people in one incident.

One of the worst ever single incidents in any air raid occurred when over 4,000 suffocated when air raid shelter tunnels were blocked during the raid on Chungking.

One thought on “Thousands die in Chungking raid”

  1. War against China ;

    As I entered from Kindergarden, to the Primary School , I was 7 yeasrs old.
    In our school, there was a special Room which was called, Tetsukabuto Kai, ie Association of Iron Helmet. There I saw the iron Helmet of Japanese Army which was
    shot in the center. The father of our school was bein shot, in China. We felt deep
    anxiety of War. Till now, after 70 years, I never could understand and accepted that
    the Japanese Army has invaded China. Also occupying the land of Korea.
    Even for small children, there was no reasonable explanation, how our troops could
    be there, who did not attack us at all.

    in 1980s, and also year 2010, I have visited both China, as well as Korea. And I never could find any reason, how we could have conquer them.

    Especially, I feel miserable to hear even the Royal prince Asaka has ordered to
    shoot, captured Chinese Soldiers.

    Nanking Massacar is one of the most shameful crime , our Military has done, which
    never could be wiped out from Human History.

    More worse, the Government tried to neglect the matter, to teach
    young generation, that Japanese never did such a cruelty, and let the News Paper
    Asahi to express that they have informed wrong news, of Massacar.

    The Mainichi, the other news paper did not obey the government, to deny this
    fact of Masacar.

    Militarism in Japan was extraordinaly cruel. Japan was at 30s and 40s, mostly
    Agra land, and farmers did live far from civilization. Mostly , the young men from
    the farmers have got Akagami, the red paper, to enter by force into the Military, which one never could deny. In the Military, one is only to obey, every thing, all
    what higher rank order. There never could be any objection.

    The Massakar in Nanking must have been exceptionally cruel, as I have seen many
    fotos. One was the chinese soldiers bound hands at back, ie POW, which were
    thrown, into the ponds, dead. I have this Foto, in the weekly magazine of the
    Mainichi News Paper.

    Also, Mr.John Rabe of German Siemens Co, Director explainned of Massacar through
    the Japanese Army and Air Force, on Nanking, as his Siemens factory were many
    thousands of chinese employers , thus he has being informed daily cruel treatment
    done by the Japanese Army.

    We have got all the field of Culture through Chinese peoples. the paper, the brush and
    Ink, the Chinese Letters which we also use, The chinese Etik Jyukyo, Konfuzius.
    and from Korean peoples, to learn how to plant Rice in which we have become Agra
    land, instead of hunting and gathering shell, the weaving of textile, the turning table
    for ceramic, ,,,,..finally Buddhism.

    All what we have got, we have forgot and behaved so badly.

    Michihiko Inoue, born in Kyoto, Japan, 1933.

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