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Nazi campaign against Jews in France

On the 5th September 1941 'The Jews and France' exhibition opened in Paris - depicting the Jews as a criminal race responsible for all of France's problems.

The Institute for the Study of Jews launched its exhibition ‘The Jews and France’ on the 5th September. Much of it was based on the work of George Montandon, Professor of Anthropology at the School of Paris who had opportunistically published ‘How to recognize a Jew?’in November 1940, soon after the Nazi occupation of France. This purported to give the exhibition a ‘scientific’ basis.

The general theme was the supposed ‘corrupting influence’ of Jews in all areas of French life: military, film, economics, and literature. It was suggested that “sexual perversion and the destruction of our traditions are the topics favoured by Jewish writers”. A range of distorted stereo-typical images purported to show how to recognise a Jew.

This was all part a general campaign to create the conditions that would allow yet further French acquiescence or even co-operation in the [permalink id=13076 text=”Nazi persecution of the Jewish population in France”]. It is estimated that around 200,000 people visited the exhibition.

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