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HMS Courageous torpedoed

The aircraft carrier HMS Courageous was on anti submarine patrol south of Ireland. She had despatched 4 Swordfish aircraft to aid another ship under attack by U Boat. She herself was then discovered and tracked by U-29. When she turned into the wind to allow her aircraft to land, she also moved into a position from where she could be torpedoed. At 19.50 U-29 fired three torpedoes and scored two hits on the port side. HMS Courageous sank within 17 minutes with the loss of 518 officers and men out of a total crew of 1259. Captain Makeig-Jones was last seen saluting the ensign as his ship sank.

HMS Courageous; an aircraft carrier converted from a cruiser

British Movietone News released on 21st September 1939.

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