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U-50 returns after a successful patrol

U-boat crew of U-50 return after a patrol
The crew of U-50 return after their first patrol

Typical of many U boat patrols at the time, U-50’s first patrol had taken her through the North Sea, around the north coast of Scotland and then down to the Atlantic Coast off Portugal. She had sunk four ships during February; one Swedish, one Danish, one Dutch and one British – the steamer British Endeavour, sunk 100 miles off Portugal on the 22 February 1940. Five men died in that attack, the 33 survivors were picked up by another ship in convoy OGF-19.

U Boat captain and crew member
U-50 Kapitanleutnant Bauer and another crew member, awarded medals on return from their first patrol.

U-50 sailed again on the 5th April 1940 but was sunk the very next day in the North Sea, after hitting a British mine. Details courtesy of