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World War II Today has moved to a subscription service

A wonderful descriptive and well researched website – one of the best on the net. Please continue with your fine work. Important part of all of our history – no matter which country you are from.

World War II Today was largely written between 2009 and 2015, on the seventieth anniversary of the war.

Since then it has required increasing time, effort and expense to maintain a secure modern website that works well on all platforms. Ultimately I have decided that a subscription email service is better suited to the commitment to produce a new story every day.

So from July 2021 World War II Today will be available in full only to those who subscribe … and will arrive in your inbox every day if you sign up for the paid service. A significant number of posts will continue to be available for free to all subscribers.

This change allows me to continue updating World War II Today. A surprising amount of new material from the war continues to surface to this day. Diaries and memoirs are discovered by relatives and are published for the first time. Works published abroad become available in translation. And many more photographs are becoming publicly available after lying dormant in various archives and private collections for many years.

I have always sought to find stories from every part of the war, from every side and perspective. Refreshing World War II Today will enable me to continue with that commitment.

I am very grateful for the many kind words of encouragement that I have received over the years. If you have been ‘following the war as it happened’ I very much hope you will continue to do so.

best regards

Martin Cherrett

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