First German Air Raid on Moscow

A Russian Anti Aircraft position in Moscow, July 1941.

From a collection of Russian International News Agency photographs of the war that are now available.

Less than a month after the launch of Barbarossa German planes came within range of Moscow

German Air Operations.

There is little doubt that in spite of the absence of movement the German Air Force has maintained a steady pressure against the Russians on the whole front; at the same time it has had time to consolidate its more advanced positions and it is likely that the immediate problems of supply and maintenance on the field may by now have been somewhat eased, thus facilitating the development of the next phase of operations.

There was an air raid on Moscow on the 21st July which lasted about six hours and was on a fairly heavy scale. The main objectives were apparently the railway station, industrial areas and aerodromes. Several large fires were caused by enemy aircraft which flew over at a medium height.

The Soviet A.A. defences, of which a large proportion were light anti – aircraft guns, put up what was described as ” an impressive show.” The searchlights frequently held the attacking aircraft quite well. Incendiary bombs fell on the roof of the British Embassy but the fire was tackled immediately by the Embassy staff, both Russian and English, and by the Moscow fire brigade.

From the Military Situation Report for the week see TNA CAB 66/18/7

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